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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  June 20, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> sizzling temperatures in the washington region lead to an air quality warning. the question is how long will that hot weather stick around. the forecast is hot. >> is very hot out there. we had better get used to the hot weather and humidity because it is going to continue to build over the next couple of days or so. temperatures, 91 degrees in fairfax, 89 in leesburg. we are looking for a little bit of relief for the heat, head out to garrett county where it is about 15 degrees cooler. today was the hottest day this
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year out at reagan national. it is hard to believe we were in digging out of 15 to 20 inches of snow not long ago. well into the 90's. how long will it last? we will look at the forecast in just a few minutes. >> a sexual predator is on the loose in montgomery county tonight. police say she broke into a woman's home while she slept and attacked her. >> certainly this is an unusual crime. happen in the middle of the night, as you said in an elderly woman's apartment. apparently the suspect got inside the apartment somehow, and the neighbors are certainly baffled and concerned. it happened in germantown. >> very scary, because i have a condo on the lower level. >> there is a sense of unease and fear in the wake of an
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overnight sex assault of an elderly woman in her own home. >> it is very frightening. you feel violated, even though it did not happen to me personally. >> police say around 3:20 a.m. saturday morning, a woman -- a man somehow got in the woman's condo. >> the victim stated that she awoke to an intruder in her home. >> the man sexually assaulted her and then fled, an attack that has residence thinking about safety and security. >> if i have to come in late night, i make sure i part here so if something happens, it will be noticeable. >> many of the units here have a twist doorknob blocks like this. the knob on the outside is easily turned if the owner for gets to lock up. >> even if i am going to drop off some trash or wherever, it is locked. >> never say they will watch out for each other, now more than ever.
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>> i am very afraid, because i always thought it was a safe neighborhood. >> police have only a vague description of the suspect, a male between 17 and 25 years old. they are not saying how he got into the condo, but they are urging neighbors to do nightly safety checks of doors and windows to make sure this does not happen again. the weka othe men went flyid his his head on the boat and was knocked unconscious. this eeo of bp is once again the focus of anger. he traveled home to england this weekend to attend a yacht race.
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and the report estimates as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day are leaking into the gulf. >> the embattled chairman of bp has faced strong criticism for comments he made last month, saying he wanted the gulf coast oil spill to be over because he wanted his life back. he may have got his wish, but he is again under fire for being spotted attending a yacht race off the coast of england. in an exclusive interview, white house chief of staff rahm emanuel said he was not impressed. >> i think we cannot conclude that tony hayward is not going to have a second career. >> republican governor bob riley of alabama has a more lighthearted approach. >> i don't know how many dots are over there, but put a skimmer on the back of them and bring them over here, because we certainly need them.
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>> the flow of oil was originally believed to be about 60,000 barrels a day. >> bp was either lying are grossly incompetent. we are up to 100,000 barrels. >> crews are hard at work drilling two relief wells which bp and government officials believe are the best option for plugging the gusher that has put millions of gallons of oil in the gulf since april 20. read like cameras will soon be up and running in arlington -- red light cameras will be taking pictures this week at lee highway at fort myer drive, lee highway at washington boulevard and fairfax drive. the fine is $50, but it will not appear on the driver's record. plans to expand a hostile have hit a snag. report says suburban supplants -- to expand a hospital had hit
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a snag. they want to add to the facility and put in more parking. war than 2000 athletes took part in the triathlon today. mayor adrian fenty finished 16th in the elite olympic category. >> coming up, the celebration heats up as soccer fans cheer on their teams. we will take you to that fan frenzy. tornado victims return to their homes for the first time since devastating storms level towns. also speaking out for the first time since herbert son's arrest also speaking out for the first time since herbert son's arrest
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>> you are watching abc7 musette 6:30. >> joran van der sloot's mother speaks out for the first time since her son's arrest for murder. he is accused of killing a 21- year-old woman in her hotel room in peru. she says he called her several days before the murder and sound paranoid, saying he was being followed. the 22-year-old dutchman is also suspected in the death of an american teenager, natalee holloway. it does been extremely violent day in both iraq and afghanistan. at least three people were killed and nearly 20 others wounded. in baghdad, two suicide car bombers struck a private area outside of a bank. at least 26 people were killed and dozens more wounded. israel is easing its 3-year-
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old blockade of gaza. it limited it to weapons and materials that have military uses. construction materials will be allowed. little repair has been done because construction materials have been off limits. and the cleanup is underway in parts of minnesota. powerful tornadoes ripped through that state on thursday. yesterday, residents started returning to their communities to survey the damage and collect their belongings. >> we talked about it being zero walk-in safe to hold all are important records. we always said if we ever have a tornado, this is where we would go. >> three people died and dozens more were injured. dozens of homes and buildings
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were injured ord -- damaged or destroyed. coming up, will you be battling a heat wave as you go to work tomorrow. fans in a frenzy over the world cup. fans in a frenzy over the world cup. we will take you to
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>> soccer fans are in a frenzy as their teams face-off for the world cup. the celebration was in full swing. >> the crowd has been out a little bit, but the excitement here earlier was one of the largest crowd we have seen, a sure sign that the world cup excitement in washington is here to sestate. world cup excitement is boiling over in the washington region. in arlington, brazilians were buzzing almost as loud as the vuvuzela less. >> i think i am going at least to the semifinals and possibly winning it all. >> many say the game goes far beyond the goals.
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>> for us, this is really a moment to celebrate. >> the whole country uniting to cheer for something. >> hoping to celebrate a win 14 is this resident. her parents were both born in italy. now she proudly cheers on the red, white, and green. after a tie with new zealand, she is still optimistic. >> he has been caught up in the world cup whirlwind, watching every game up to this point. >> i watched it either on replay are on my computer or on tv. >> some games you might take in as well start tomorrow morning, switzerland and chile and team usa will be back in action on wednesday morning. >> a good way to get out of the sun. >> today was 95 degrees, the
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hottest that we have seen all year long. take a look outside, the time lapse shows a few clouds that rolled into the area. we are going to look for quiet conditions during the overnight hours. the clouds roll then and then quickly moved out. the sun will set at 8:36 p.m., one of the longest days of the year. starting tuesday, the days will start to shorten just a little bit. as we look outside, it is 93 degrees after a daytime high of 95 degrees. 89 at annapolis, with a high of 92. the district has a temperature of 90 degrees at this hour. no rainfall to speak up, and we do not look for any rain anytime soon. the record was 99, set back in 1931. it looks like another hot day
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tomorrow, 92 this hour at reagan national airport. cooler air just talk in just off to the north and west of us. atlanta is looking at 92 degrees this hour. high pressure continues to move just to the north of us and will eventually move offshore. we will look for a change in wind direction tomorrow, but it will still be very hot out there. a few clouds will stick around for the overnight hours. showers off the coast of north carolina and they are looking at some thunderstorms developing at this hour. the heat and humidity returns tomorrow. travel plans taken to michigan and illinois, you are looking at thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. our next chance for rain will not come until tuesday afternoon. thunderstorms again on wednesday and thursday. most clear and warm for the overnight hours.
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we will sit around 75 degrees downtown with winds out of the west northwest. tamara it will feel really warm, even more human than today. by afternoon, the daytime high will be near 90 degrees. if that is not hot enough for you, wait until tuesday and wednesday and thursday. hotter air is on the way. the extended outlook shows temperatures in the lower 90's on tuesday, near 90 on wednesday. 91 on thursday, and then it looks like at this point, a weak cold front will bring slightly cooler temperatures to our area by friday and saturday, but daytime highs in that middle 80's, still above average for the seven day outlook. i have a feeling this is going to be a really hot summer. world cup action, a good way to get out of the sun today.
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>> the top teams in the world cup in action today. we will bring results and the highlights from all that. we will bring results and the highlights from all that.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you
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forward. >> the nationals have come up on the short end of five straight games, right now trying to snap their losing streak this afternoon against the white sox. >> alex rios comes on home. roger gets a good wood, a base of the middle. taking it the opposite way, josh willingham on board, looking good. the white sox placed three in the fifth. the final today was 6-3. this is the catch of the day. watch luke scott going after it, reaching over, over egos with
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his feet dangling as he gathers his balance. what a catch. in the eighth inning, the padre's are up 9-4 on the orioles. taking on the ivory coast, the best player in africa. it was all brazil. he gets the ball right where he wants it. 1-0 brazil. he shows his athleticism again. he shoots and scores. then things get a bit testy between the two teams in the middle of this one. watch this, he gets a little tangled up with the ivory coast player. he pulls a yellow card, his second, so he is out of there. that when this one, 3-1.
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italy against new zealand today, italy was the defending champ early on. new zealand with a scoring opportunity, 1-0 new zealand. the equalizer comes in the 29th minute. that was just too good for the goalie. slovakia, no score until the 27 minute. this lockean defenders, but he is able to get it and for 1-0 paraguay. we are monitoring a developing story involving a team france and what appears to be a meltdown between the coaches and players whenever asked to train. one player was removed from the team after a profanity filled
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argument. france is not playing well. france plays out ever on tuesday -- place south africa on tuesday. finally, the sonoma shootout, jimmy johnson is your winter. -- jarret johnson is the winner. jimmy johnson is your winter. -- jarret johnson is the winner.
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at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> hot and humid. we are looking at 90 degrees tomorrow for the first day of summer, lower 90's on thursday with the chance for storms, hotter on wednesday. the heat index about 100
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degrees. >> there is a cold front coming in.
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